Tall Bowls

Designed for Alt Material - Ingenuity (September 2020)

Tall Bowl is an imaginative attempt to find connection even when we can no longer occupy physical space together in the same way. The sharing of food as always been part of the human story, central to that the dinner table acts as a unifier, a place of community. So how can you isolate this practice without alienating its participants? By combining the table and the food vessel into a joint moveable structure.

Constructed from accessible materials - a stash of hoarded loo paper (of course), pva, flour, plaster, colored with turmeric (reacting beautifully to different mixes). Tall bowl injects comic relief in the monotony of our covid routines, bringing us together with a meal from adjoining balconies, over the fence, or holds your cat, car keys, plants or popcorn.