Profiles - A Chest of Draw

Designed for Friends & Associates Self Portrait exhibition- NGV Melbourne Design Week (March 2022)

Self Portrait will present 22 self-portraits by Australian creatives, telling us who they are in this moment. Creatives were encouraged to think about their personal and professional selves, representing themselves in a single object.

Profiles by Jordan Fleming is a documentation of architectural mouldings designed from photographs and memories of the many houses she has called home in past decade. A collection of cornice enwraps a column structure, each signifying an era and reflecting Fleming’s experiences and disposition. Similar to growth rings of trees, the composition of cornices vary in shape and pattern, some duplicated and others exaggerated. A single, felt-lined draw is nestled in the centre of the column. This allows one to either contribute to or pull from this archive. The amalgamation of the forms and materials – plaster, pigment, timber and foam profiles – reflects Fleming’s practice both as a furniture and object maker, alongside her work as an interior designer.